Peacock Party + Airwaves

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Edsel continues its programme of re-issues from Gordon Giltrap, one of the UK's premier guitarists. This release contains two albums by the Gordon Giltrap Band, "The Peacock Party" (1981) and "Airwaves" (1982), as well as five bonus live cuts from the same era.

Disc 1: "The Peacock Party" was recorded to complement the book by renowned illustrator Alan Aldridge (The Beatles Lyrics, The Butterfly Ball), and features guests John G. Perry, John Gustafson, Morris Pert, Ric Sanders and John Etheridge.

Disc 2: "Airwaves" contains many co-compositions by Gordon's band, which features Jethro Tull's Clive Bunker and Steve Hackett sideman Bimbo Acock. Also 5 bonus tracks from The Band Live 1981 album.

The booklet contains brand new annotation by Gordon himself, as well as photos and ephemera from his own archives.

For the Edsel Label

Project Co-ordination: Val Jennings
CD Package: Tony Hodsoll at Wildlife Art & Design
CD Mastering: Peter Rynston at Tall Order
New photography: Rob Jewell
Scanning: Keith Phillips at Studio Projects

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