Sixty Minutes with Gordon Giltrap

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released 2007   Voiceprint VP6003CD

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A Voiceprint label compilation CD with tracks taken from almost every era of Gordon's playing, this CD would be an ideal taster to introduce a newcomer to Gordon's music.

Sixty Minutes With Gordon Giltrap runs the gamut of styles associated with Gordon Giltrap from folk to classical and baroque through to progressive rock.

Yes we have included the obvious hit single in Heartsong but we have also included some of Gordons fabulous solo playing including a tribute to one of Gordons greatest influences Bert Jansch and included the standard Angie from the album Janschology.

It doesnt end there either also included is the track Misunderstood Man/Be With Me Always from Gordons stint as a member of the cast from Cliff Richards Heathcliff musical.

Finally there is the collaboration with classical guitarist Raymond Burley and we have included two tracks from the album Double Vision ( Down The River and Under This Blue Sky ) which prove beyond a shadow of doubt Gordon Giltraps versatility and mastery of the guitar.