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March 2023 News Update Extra

Scattered Chapters LP cover

Scattered Chapters LP release

Here at last the long awaited vinyl release of Scattered Chapters. It looks magnificent and a huge thankyou to Pete and Linda Bonner for the care and attention to detail with this superb release. Being vinyl there has to be a few tracks that had to be left off but I think the selection is just perfect.

This is a limited edition of just 99 copies.

Psychotron Records write:

Scattered Chapters was a lockdown project of immense creativity producing music, art and stories. The music written and performed by Gordon Giltrap and Paul Ward was the start of the creative journey. Originally launched on CD alongside the wonderful book that completes this project, the music is now available on vinyl.

Each piece of music inspired an artwork. The artwork has been collated into a book launch and each track has also inspired a short story, written by Nick Hooper and contained within the book.

More info HERE

£28 and includes a bonus collector’s item CD with two extra tracks that weren’t on the original disc.

Gordon Giltrap & Paul Ward SCATTERED CHAPTERS vinyl LP - Psychotron Records