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Sharing Day 4th Nov 2017 review

Sharing Day 4th Nov 2017 review

With Becky Langan, Jamie and Oliver Keane

My special guest for the day, Becky Langan writes:

"It was such a pleasure to have met Gordon and Hilary and all the students involved at Gordon’s sharing day! Soon after arriving, Gordon introduced me to Oliver Keane, a young musician who happened to have discovered my music through Sky Arts Guitar Star. After watching my performance of Thomas Leeb’s arrangement of “No Woman No Cry” at Abbey Road Studios, Oliver felt inspired to learn this piece, and volunteered to perform it at Gordon’s sharing day. He absolutely smashed it, and I was very happy to discover that he had recently released an album called “Runaway”. We traded CD’s, and ended up geeking out and chatting about guitars for a little while. ;)

After lunch was my performance/ Q&A session, where I covered a variety of questions about my creativity process, use of acrylic nails, overcoming nerves, and how I dealt with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Since dealing with an injury, I find myself preaching about how important injury prevention is, so I decided to provide some tips and demonstrations on how to do so. As discussed in my Q&A, I’ve come to the conclusion that it all boils down to having good posture, avoiding high gauge strings, stretching before/ after, and warming up beforehand. Osteopaths/ chiropractitioner's are great too – it definitely helps to get your machine serviced every once in a while!!

To round off a wonderful day full of lovely like-minded people, smiles and guitar geekery, I experienced some truly exceptional performances. I really loved how Gordon collaborated with students, and to jam with Gordon after my Q&A was definitely something to tick off my bucket list! :)

Thanks again to everybody who made this event possible, including the folks who provided the tea and coffee (I do like my tea!). But most of all, I’d like to thank Gordon and Hilary for having me, and allowing me to experience such an incredible day. What an absolute pleasure it was to meet you all."


David Newall writes:

"Dear Gordon

Once again a really worthwhile and informative day with the added bonus of listening to 2 very talented ladies, Becky and Carrie. (Not to mention Oliver who is clearly a very talented young man )

I thought the format for the day was spot on with plenty of opportunity to practice with some valuable help on the selected piece and I really appreciated your time and patience on a one to one with some of the more intricate parts of Heartsong.

Thanks also to Mark for
his help and assistance.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you in concert at Bramhall Hall next month which I'm sure will put us all in the Christmas spirit !

Very best wishes