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May 2018 News Update

Tristan Seume and Carrie Martin

Hello friends, for obvious reasons I have been off the radar for a while but have decided to let you know what's been happening since the tragic passing of my dear son.

Fortunately I haven't had to cancel any engagements (that's an old fashioned term isn't it) since Jamie's passing except to reschedule my Lancashire guitar weekend. I know in my heart that Jamie would want me to carry on as normal and more importantly to move forward with teaching.

A huge heartfelt THANKYOU to those players who bought the guitars I was advertising on Facebook to raise funds for my son’s widow and grandson Braden.

Photo below shows f
riends Jane and Mark Day

Jane and Mark bought this guitar that was donated by our friend Paul Brett to raise funds for Jamie's family, they also very kindly created some wonderful posters for the new fund raising album I have been working on for The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Thanks friends.

giltrap 5045

Here is a list of recent events and a brief word on each.

On Feb 24th we had my Sharing Day at the usual venue of the Scout hall in Mere Green with my special guest Tristan Seume. Our lovely pal Carrie Martin was in attendance and was intrigued by the amazing Fylde banjo that Tris bought. See the above pic.

giltrap 5045

The following day we went to the New Bingley Hall in Brum for a guitar show that Paul Brett was attending. Very noisy but great fun.

March 3rd saw us braving the snow travelling to Chelmsford's Cramphorn Theatre for my show there. All went well.

March 10th was a very pleasant private birthday concert for the man whose wife Rachel I wrote Rachel's Reflections for. See the lovely picture of the Pritchard family. A good time was had by all.

giltrap 5045

March 16th saw me at Wokingham Music club. I lived in the town in a previous life so it was a bitter sweet experience. Ironically I had never played there. All went well.

March 20th Hilary and I headed north for our Scottish trip. On the way up we stopped over with the lovely Roger and Moira Bucknall and whilst there I played my new Fylde GG signature guitar, a thing of wonder and beauty. More next time..

Photo with Roger Bucknall and his team of two who make Fylde guitars

The following day we drove to New Galloway to stay with old friends Chris and Gill Morris in readiness for my concert at The Catstrand Arts centre. All went EXTREMELY well!!

A day off the following day and then on Saturday a long drive to Milngavie to The Fraser Centre. Once again, all went well.

March 27th was a very special photo session with my amazing surgeon Mr Sam Ford at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for the CD booklet for a charity album I am creating as a fund raiser. See the photo of the session and also the cover design for the album, but more of that in detail next time.

giltrap 5045

giltrap 5045

As I write this news page we are now well into April and our break in Weymouth and my big birthday celebration was SO special.

Looking forward I have three more dates coming up in April on the 20th at Mycenae House in my old home town of Blackheath, and then the Classic Rock Society on the 26th with my special guest Carrie Martin.

On the 29th my annual Tracy Sollis gig at The Fleece, a special event in our calendar and an ongoing privilege.

A final THANKYOU to you all who sent kind thoughts and birthday wishes, it means a lot.

More news next time.