Live at Rosslyn Chapel

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Since the Da Vinci Code was released to the film going public a few years back, Rosslyn Chapel has taken on a deep mystical and spiritual air about it, and quite rightly so.

I have vivid memories of our visit there those few years ago. The whole thing was a bit strange and unsettling at times but the organisers of the concert had gone that extra mile to make me feel valued as an artist and even hired a piper to pipe me to the stage on the evening.

On our arrival we were handed a postcard from our friend and fine musician Ray Mytton who had visited there a few days prior to us wishing us a great concert, so that was a lovely start to the evening.

The whole building is steeped in a magical beauty and maybe the events of the evening had a bearing on my performance but I don’t think it’s apparent on the recording so thank the Lord for that.

Maybe one day Hilary and I will return but in the meantime we have this recording to remind us of our visit to one of this islands historical treasures.

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