GORDON GILTRAP News - Easter 2009

Brush and Stone PR.

The long-awaited CD collaboration between Gordon and Rick Wakeman is now available to puchase from Voiceprint. Hopefully over the next weeks/months we should see some reaction from the media to this album. Because of Rick's prior commitments it will be down to Gordon to spread the word about a piece of work he is personally VERY proud of and feels that it should be heard by everyone. What it needs is for Radio 2 or Classic FM to pick up on it. We continue to live in hope.
You can help by requesting a track on your local or national radio stations.

B&S Printing Error
On the album it is Rick's tracks that one hears first followed by The Brotherhood Suite and the last two remaining GG pieces. On the sleeve it is the other way round!
If you ordered early and got one of the first batch, you have a future collectors item!

If you want more details or to order the CD there is a special micro site http://www.brushandstone.com/


Gordon says, I have been fairly busy recording some more tracks for a forthcoming studio album, due for release later this year, the title of which I'm still working on. One of the recorded pieces featured my new Martin D 28 guitar. The piece has featured quite a bit in my shows of late and was a commissioned piece entitled 'Rachel's Reflections'. I'm ever so pleased with it and hope to get into Paul White's studio soon to do some more editing and tinkering. This new album has been gestating for some time now and I really want to finish and draw a line under it so that I can clear my mind for other things.

I also have recorded a brand new version of 'Ive's Horizon' for this new project which was sparked off by my fab new Fylde Fan Fretted 12 string. It really is quite strange re-visiting such an early GG piece. I'm also working on a mini guitar orchestra piece called 'Roseberry Topping' which lends itself to the Loop station treatment a la  'Dodo's Dream'. These will be added to the two other pieces already recorded, Tears of Joy, and Five Dollar Guitar on the new album.

New guitars.

Gordon reports on his passion for guitars, I have recently acquired two new guitars. The first one is a 90s Fenix Telecaster copy fitted with Bare Knuckle pickups which plays and sounds amazing, as good if not better than most USA models! The second guitar is a first issue Faith Saturn rosewood and spruce acoustic. I shall be getting this set up by my friend Trevor at PMT Music in Brum. It will be amazing when it is set up and sounds great even now with old strings. It's not an expensive guitar but in my opinion Faith guitars are VERY underrated, and this guitar will be great for taking on holiday.

Both instruments were acquired from Mark's Music Shop in Melksham, do Google them and if you're in the area drop in, Mark's a nice guy and in these troubled financial times would I'm sure welcome your custom. Just say that Gordon sent you...grin.
To save you a Google go to http://www.markmusicshop.co.uk/

Gordon adds, Incidentally, Rob Armstrong is making 10 limited edition Bert Jansch guitars, each one will be signed on the label by the great man himself along of course with Rob. I have put my name down for one as I need another guitar (like a hole in the head) to add to my collection. Anyone interested in ordering a unique guitar should give Rob a ring on 02476 442502.

New GG book.

The new GG book with Lathkill is nearing completion. Gordon reports, It will be called Vintage Giltrap and will contain many of my early pieces like Heartsong and Lucifer's Cage. This will be the first of two volumes in the series. I shall keep you posted of developments. I have rewritten some of the parts to make life a little easier for the student. I have omitted some of the slaps and ornamentation's with the pieces leaving the player to just get on with it and play the pieces in THEIR own way. The cover design will be centred on a wine bottle with an early pic of yours truly on the label. Clever stuff eh!

UPCOMING GIGS - Please check with venues that gig is on before travelling. Details and a link to some venues can be found on the concerts page of the website https://giltrap.co.uk/index.php?page=calendar

Sat. 18th Fleece Inn, Bretforton nr Evesham, Worcestershire (Charity Concert)                SOLD OUT!
Sun. 19th Fleece Inn, Bretforton nr Evesham, Worcestershire (Charity Concert)
Thurs. 23rd Alnwick Playhouse, Northumberland
Sat. 25th St Andrew's United Reformed Church, Cheltenham
Gordon Giltrap and Hayley Savage
Sat. 2nd Gouveia Art Rock Festival, Portugal
Sun. 3nd Gouveia Art Rock Festival, Portugal - Workshop
Fri. 15th St Johns Church, Newhall, Derbyshire
Sat. 23rd Blackwood Miners Institute, Blackwood, Gwent
Workshop and Concert
Sun. 24th Port Isaac Festival, Port Isaac, Cornwall
Sun. 30th Scole Church Festival, Scole, Norfolk

Dont forget, for all things Giltrap, visit the fantastic website https://giltrap.co.uk