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Hofner Book re-issued

Hofner Book

giltrap 2421
Many of you will remember I'm sure the Hofner book that IMP brought out onto the market way back in 1993. This book has been out of print for a number of years,and at one point it was fetching up to £75 a copy on E-Bay.

Well, it is now out there again but this time with the Hal Leonard publishing group, and I have to say that they have done a fantastic job. The book is pretty much the same as it was apart from the cover and new colour photographs plus an extra chapter written by Paul Day detailing Hofner yesterday and today featuring some of the super newer models. There is also a brand new Preface written by me!

We did submit some current photographs of Nev Martin my co author and I, but for some reason they have printed the originals from 16 years ago. Never mind I like to look younger!

The book can be bought from various online stores including at £14.99. More info in the Discography section

Happy reading all you fellow guitar anoraks.