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As It Happens... CD

As It Happens CD
The release of 'As It Happens...' proves that even after 40 years in the music business Gordon can still deliver something different. For the first time ever you can purchase a complete, unedited Giltrap show in its entirety - all the chat, all the music, the works. It is the next best thing to having Gordon perform live in your living room!

This double CD release on the fledgling Panacy record label clearly demonstrates Gordon's gift for composing by drawing on a wide range of influences. Listen closely and you'll hear the rock guitar of Hank Marvin and Pete Townshend, the folk guitar of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, and the classical guitar of Julian Bream and John Williams happily mixing with Celtic and other influences.

The set is typical of his recent stage shows, featuring a cross section of favourites played on Gordon's usual varied array of guitars, with the finale being a demonstration of the electric one-man-band version of 'The Dodo's Dream'

Track Listing

Disc One

Maddie Goes West
Appalachian Dreaming
5 Dollar Guitar
God Save The Queen / Smoke On The Water
Here Comes The Sun
Isabella's Wedding
At Giltrap's Bar
The Dodo's Dream
Rainbow Kites

Disc Two

Tears Of Joy
Rain In The Doorway
Summer Holiday / A Misunderstood Man
Sallie's Song
The Lord's Seat
Mrs Singer's Waltz
A Dublin Day
Simply Margaret
Lucifer's Cage
The Dodo's Dream (Demonstration)

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'As It Happens...' (Panacy Recordings, Catalogue Number PANACD001) has already been reviewed in the UK's leading acoustic guitar magazine, Acoustic, and you can read their review in full on the Discography page. Click here

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Below are some short sample MP3 files to give you a taste of 'As It Happens...' there are more on the Discography entry.