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Gordon On MySpace

Gordon On MySpace
After some persuasion it was decided that Gordon should join the ever growing ranks of musicians that have a MySpace presence.

Friends were approached, and without too much arm twisting a willing victim - sorry, make that volunteer - in the form of long time Giltrap fan Russ Gannicott  stepped forwards.

Russ, a talented musician in his own right, undertakes the bulk of the day to day running of the site, managing friends requests, forwarding messages to Gordon etc. With a sleek guitar profile, some fancy images and some clips from Youtube added, we reckon it has to be worth a visit.

Since signing up in Nov 2006, almost 8500 people have viewed Gordon's Myspace page.

There is also a Myspace Page run by Sue ( Gordon's webmaster ) on behalf of Double Vision which is another way to keep you informed of new developments in the Giltrap camp.