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Gordons 60th Birthday

Gordons 60th Birthday

6th April 2008 saw Gordon celebrate his 60th birthday. Among his many cards and gifts he was most touched by all the messages he received from friends around the world. Thanks to everyone who contributed a message. His 'Birthday Gala Week' was rounded off with a party at his home for over 100 people.

Gordon writes:

If someone had told me in 1966 when I had signed my first contract with Transatlantic records, that 42 years on I would still be out there doing what I love for a living, and that I would be sharing my 60th birthday with my wife along with our 5 children and 8 grandchildren, and that one of the friends attending would be the man whose music changed my life, that man being my dear friend Bert Jansch, I guess in all honesty I would have never have believed them. I am truly a very fortunate human being, and of course a big part of me feels unworthy of such praise and attention, but I guess that's just part and parcel of being the insecure artist who is forever seeking approval from the public and his peers for his chosen art-form.

I could go on forever about my 60th birthday, but I would like to keep it as brief as possible and try NOT to get over emotional about the overwhelming kindness shown to me by my dear friends and family during the lead up to my birthday, and indeed the day of my party one week later.

I could talk about 'highlights' when in fact the whole thing was just one HUGE highlight!

It started out thus....

Sue Holton, informed me that she was sending a package for my birthday a few days before. The aforementioned package did indeed arrive safely with strict instructions written on the outside for it NOT to be opened until the day of birthday, and quite rightly so. The irony being that on the day of my birthday I forgot that I had stored it in a safe place, (the dinning room in fact) for safe keeping, so imagine my surprise when I realised that by 9.30 that evening I still hadn't got round to opening this package, the existence of which I had in all honesty completely forgotten about!

Gordons 60th Birthday

When I finally did open the package, what did I find but two beautifully presented volumes containing the most wonderful birthday wishes from friends, fans, and fellow musicians from around the world. Sue had spent literally months on preparing what can only be described as a labour of love. Every person who sent a greeting was sworn to secrecy!

Each page contained past photographs, album sleeves and heartfelt messages from friends old and new. I can't begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was by all of this, and I have to tell you that only a lady like Sue could have put something so lovingly presented together for this ageing guitarist (apart from my lovely wife of course), and even as I write this I can feel the old emotions rising to the surface. I'm sure Sue if she feels it's appropriate will post one or two pages on the site for you dear people out there to see. These two volumes will give me years of pleasure just glancing through the well wishing messages. Sue.... Hilary and I can't thank you enough dear lady. Let's not forget that Sue's husband Mike also had a hand in the creation of these two stunning volumes!

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Hilary for 'always' being there for me. Thanks once again to Sue Holton for those two stunning volumes. To my dear friends Gary and Louise Burnet for my amazing Fear of the Dark Birthday cake (this is beginning to sound like one of those speeches you hear at the presentation of the Oscars)  Bert and Loren, Rob and Victoria, Ray and Sian, Jamie, Sadie, Stuart, Kieran, Abi, Kaz, Kaz and Leigh, Russ, Carol and Ashley, Rob and Sheila, Roger and Moira, Roger and Anthea, Roger and Em, Ruth and Chris, Thomas, Katie and James, Simon, Jane, Charlotte, Jack, Alex, Rob, Tina, Norman, Olivia, Eleanor, Emily, Linda, Colin, Jessica, Maddie, Jacqui and Larry, Ann and Keith, Jason, Steve and Lesley, George, Sheila, John and Marie and Stephen, Marlene and Lionel, Jan and David, Paul and Chris, John and Shelly, Simon, Mary and Bernard, Linda and Norman, Cath, Andy and Katie, Judy Mike and Thomas, Rick and Paula and family, Sheila and Peter, Sue and Bob, Ashley and Francine, Mike and Babs, Val Dave and Aimee, Pauline and John, Kate and Colin, Steve, Sue and Roger, Rachael, Kaz and Malc, Sue and Keith, Garry, Ian and Jan, Kathryn, Anne and Dave, Martin Louise and Beth, Anne and Alan, Tristan and Gillie, Joyce and Wal, Val and Dennis, Norman.

Rick the Wakeman couldn't make the party, and has promised to take Hilary and I out for a meal some time to make up for it bless him!

The party was a great success, and in all honesty if it hadn't been for my darling wife Hilary, I guess I wouldn't have bothered, but she did, 'big time' and I'm SO glad she did, because I have all those lovely memories to carry me forward into even older age!

I hope you enjoy viewing the snaps to go with this brief and emotional epistle, but please forgive me, it MUST be me age...

A few pictures of the albums are in the Gallery here and some from the party can be seen in the Gallery here