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Gordon's new Website launched March 2007

Gordon039s new Website launched March 2007
Gordon and I would like to welcome you to the new look website, we hope you like the changes.

The new design was done by Slabmedia, based around the theme of Sue Martin's original illustration for the Troubadour CD and we think they have done a great job - our thanks go to Jim and Catherine.

Those of you who were visitors to Gordon's previous website run with such dedication by Paul Auden for many years will see that some things are very familiar, however it will still be worthwhile to take your time and explore the new site. Thanks for all your hard work in the past Paul.

New features have been added, the archives raided, and other articles updated. We've made sections like the Discography and Concert Guide much more detailed, with some short MP3's on various tracks. This is still a work in progress, due to the vast amount of info I've got to enter ! All the essential information is there, but as yet not all the track credits or more obscure items have been added.

The Concert Guide now has more information on the venues; a Google map, and where possible, information on public transport or availability of parking. There is even a search facility to help you find what you are looking for.

Visit our new, bigger, better, Discussion Forum and sign up to tell us what you think of the new site.

Please be aware that as an anti-spam precaution, you need to register with a Username and Password and get your Discussion Board account activated before you can post for the first time. Then you just Log In when you want to post a message. If you only want to read messages you can do this without logging in. The Register and Log In links are at the top right hand side of the Discussion Board. As before, Gordon will read these postings and reply as often as he can. The Discussion Board is the only part of the site that requires you to log in. The log in buttons at the bottom of each page are purely for Admin Use.

Gordon's email newsletter, "Airwaves" run by Dave Van Walwyk is still going strong. If you have already signed up via the old website, you don't need to register again as we will transfer your details. If you haven't yet signed up, the link is at the bottom right hand side of the Homepage

The new site will be updated frequently to keep you up to date with all things Giltrap, so make sure you bookmark the site and come back regularly.

Your existing bookmarks will need updating to point at the new pages. Initially the old site will still be there, so you could still end up there instead of here if you don't change your bookmarks or if you use a search engine. Once everything settles down, search engines will find the new site and the old site will be removed.
I'm sure you will enjoy having a good look round. There are lots of links and new things for you to discover.

Gordon and I have lots of ideas for future additions, but if you have anything Giltrap related that you would like added, please let us know.

Finally, don't forget to enter our competition to launch the new site.

Thanks, Sue Holton ( new webmaster )