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2007 Competition

2007 Competition
To celebrate the launch ot the new website, we thought you might like to have a bit of fun.

We ran a competition to find Gordon's most knowledgeable fan!

Gordon is delighted to announce that two people had perfect scores, and the winner is......
BOB RAY Well done Bob ! See the "May News Update" page for more info.

The prizes are 2 tickets to the Gordon Giltrap concert of your choice during 2007, a signed copy of the latest album "Captured From A Point in Time " plus a Symphony Hall T shirt and programme.

Closing date for entries was 30th April 2007. The winner will be the person with the most correct anwers, or in the event of a tie, one winner will be selected at random by Gordon.

All you needed to do, was answer the 20 questions below and send your answers to us via the form on the Contact page. If you needed any help, the answers to all the questions could be found by exploring the website, and you could always use the new "site search" facility to help you !

1: What is Gordon's date of birth?

2: Where can you see the PreRaphaelite paintings the inspired the "Brotherhood Suite"?

3: Gordon is proud to belong to well a known show business charity. What badge does he wear to show his membership?

4: Where did Gordon first meet Raymond Burley?

5: Which track involves Gordon using a loop station live on stage?

6: Where did Gordon go for a musical holiday in 2003 that ultimately led to the Symphony Hall concert?

7: What was unusual about the positioning of the microphones during the recording of the Ambergate album?

8: Who was the cameraman at Huntingdon Hall?

9: Gordon recorded an album with a well known jazz guitarist. This recording was released with two different titles, what are they and who was the other guitarist?

10: What was the location of the recent Double Vision filming for their forthcoming DVD?

11: What is the web address of Gordon's MySpace page, and who runs it?

12: Name two TV programmes that have used Gordon's music as their theme tunes?

13: What is Gordon's email newsletter called?

14: Which artist produced the artwork for the Troubadour album?

15: In what respect was the 1978 single - Fear of the Dark / Catwalk Blues / Inner Dream Electric Label LWOP29 the first of it's kind, and how many copies were made?

16: Who made Gordon's "baby" guitar?

17: Which company recently republished Gordon's "Total Guitar" book?

18: Which year did Gordon tour and record with a violinist, and who is he?

19: Name two of Gordon's tunes that were privately commissioned tracks.

20: Who co-wrote a book about Hofner guitars with Gordon?

Prizes will be on thier way to Bob shortly