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Postby blackgold1963 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:38 pm

Hello all
Just thought I would share a recent experience with you and how pleased I was with my GG 12string and a more recently acquired Paul Brett 6 string. I was in my little home studio the day before yesterday working on a song that was a bit folky / country and the lyrics and melody started to come together nicely - then I thought I have to capture the melody or it will be gone by tomorrow !! My recording set up is fairly basic with a Neumann mic into an interface then an Apple mac - anyway I got mic level up in the cans and hit record . As I picked the first few chords I had a bit of a wow moment - the 6 string sounded fab without moving the mic around or adjusting anything. I got my song idea down and then thought , I have to quickly try the GG 12 string . Again the sound to my ears was lovely.
Having only used both guitars previously for live work or at home I now see I have missed an opportunity and plan to experiment with further recording / DI / mic placement etc, which is an exciting prospect.
I know you guys are a supportive bunch and would appreciate any info if you have recorded with these guitars and what you used to get your sounds.
Hope I have not gone on too much but these Vintage guitars keep surprising me and inspired me to get back into recording.
Best wishes and good health
Phil Andrews :D

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Postby GORDON » Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:38 pm

Hi Phil.

I have to tell you that with that microphone and Mac you have far better recording kit than me!

I record with my GG signature guitars quite a bit and I use the H Clamp from Explore Audio.This is a wonderful piece of kit that allows you to attach a microphone of your choice to the clamp and then on to the guitar.Close miking may not be your thing but it works for me.These guitars although unbelievably inexpensive do sound great and do record well.

For my brand new recording of HEARTSONG for the FOUR PARTS GUITAR CD I used my GG deluxe with a Schoeps mike and the HClamp.There is a link on my TOOLS OF THE TRADE page but check out EXPLORE AUDIO.

So pleased you are happy with the product.

Be well.


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Postby blackgold1963 » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:54 am

Hi Gordon and thanks for your feed back. I guess what makes your web page and discussion so different is your input and willingness to share with us - I make a living singing in South Wales clubs and am blessed to still be doing it after 36 years, but I never look at a Shure radio mic and get all lovey dovey - but guitars....oh with rosewood back and sides !! I think its called GAS.
Will check out your recording method / gear as per your reply.
Thanks and best wishes to all

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Postby Oldbones » Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:52 am

Ahhhhh ... GAS.
I know it well and have only recently started to prescribe for myself some sort of cure by 'letting go' of 3 guitars. (Vintage V100 'Iced Tea' + weird copy of a Steve Vai electric + Crafter MD50 12/N). Can't say there's any likelihood of me parting with my Vintage Paul Brett 12 string nor the Taylor GS Mini nor the LAG parlour nor the PRS SE nor the ..... oh hell! Perhaps I do STILL have GAS?

Trouble is I now seem to have developed UAS (ukuleles) and RAS (recorders).

Worse still, my actual initials are A.S.

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