straten club 40 guitar

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straten club 40 guitar

Postby 6strings » Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:33 pm

Hi firstly i`m a new member so i`d like to say hello my name is lee and i`m happy to be here :D , sorry to jump straight in with information requests but i`m itching to know what this guitar is ,
Its a straten club 40 acoustic as far as i can see its from the 1940`s , the scratch plate is missing its been stripped down to the bare wood and it has some frets missing , i`ve paid £50 for this guitar i just fell for it when i saw it , its very rough and tatty but its a lovely old guitar , i was wondering if anyone knew the value of these guitars as i cant find any others for sale anywhere for comparison , thanks in advance for any info. lee..

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Roger USA
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Re: straten club 40 guitar

Postby Roger USA » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:15 am

Not sure of the value - although there has been one for sale on eBay recently.

Here is a potted history (if you haven't seen it already) that shows where the Straten Club 40 came from:

It looks like they may only have been made for a relatively short time in the second phase of Straten Guitars.

When I saw the photo of a Club 40 on the above link (if it is correct) it reminded me of another guitar I had just read about recently. It turns out that I was thinking of a Hofner guitar from Gordon's Hofner Guitar History. The Hofner President from the late 1950's pictured in the book looks very similar with a near identical compensator.

That said I could have saved myself some time by reading the link in full, because after checking back to Gordon's book, I went back to the link and saw that it goes on to explain that there was a close relationship between Straten, Selmer UK and Hofner.

An interesting piece of guitar history whatever the value.


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Re: straten club 40 guitar

Postby 6strings » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:51 am

Hi roger thanks for the reply and info, i`d found a similar page with the selmer/straten history linked to the vintage hofner website. I see what you mean about the hofner president being very similar , my dad still has one of these guitars with a home repair job done on the neck apparently its a common fault with the president that the neck becomes loose maybe its because the neck floated above the soundboard of the guitar it was only attached via a dove joint to the heel so there was not alot of the neck actually connected to the sound box.
Still struggling to find any info on value of these club 40`s , not that i`m looking to sell it , its just another piece of the puzzle.

thanks again ..lee.

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