37 West Street, Wigton (House concert) & YouTube posting

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37 West Street, Wigton (House concert) & YouTube posting

Postby supergenius » Fri May 30, 2008 9:32 am

Well, this was a first for me. A public concert in a private house. With room for only about 40 people crammed into the living room and through dining room of a lovely terraced house in Wigton this was as intimate a setting as you could imagine.

Many thanks to Jil and Ishka for putting on the concert and for providing the wonderful food - it's a long time since I had stewed wild rabbit!! It would have made the 70 or so mile journey from Newcastle worth it for the food alone.

As ever Gordon was on top form even though suffering from a heavy cold, which seemed much better after the interval (perhaps a couple of quick malt whiskies there Gordon??). I was a bit anorakish by keeping a record of the set list so i could go home a re-create the gig for myself later. Highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the use of the lovely 12-string guitar. It has the most wonderful tone and best of all, he will now play my favourite piece - Ive's Horizon. I have badgered him for years to play this at concerts and he always declined because he never had a12-string with him. Last year he did give it a go on the 6-string and it sounded fine but last night was just sublime.

I did record the performance of IH but the light level in the house was very low so the quality of the picture isn't good, being very dark but the sound is excellent for a little digital camera. If you want to have a look follow the link below:


Thanks again Gordon (and Jil & Ishka)


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Postby GORDON » Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:39 pm

Hi Simon.

Great to see you again sir, and although the lighting was low at the gig the sound was superb and worth it just for that for inclusion on YOUTUBE, I'm REALLY pleased with it!

Bless yer Guv, and hello to the family.


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