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Testing the insertion of an image into a post

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 4:53 pm
by Oldbones
(I originally posted this into 'Anorak' area but then thought it was more appropriate here as it has more to do with the website itself than references to any actual guitars.)

Have to say that I LOATHE Google+, but, as is so often the way with monolithic organisations, users are pretty well forced to do what they want if any useful level of functionality is to be accessed. One feature allows users to upload photos or albums, so I'm simply testing it to see if that's a way to insert images. At some time in the future, I'm considering looking at 3 guitars in two comparative reviews and it might be useful to illustate each one with an associated image.

So this is a test to see if one specific image from one album can be selected for use in the forum. (It's a shot of the VE8000PB-12). If so - there should be something here.


That does seem to work.
I don't know if it's possible to scale images so that they aren't too big - maybe someone else knows?

And now - much to the relief of many, I'm sure - that's my last message in the forum for awhile.
So, until I log in again ..... regards to all.

Re: Testing the insertion of an image into a post

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 5:25 pm
by Sue
Hi Oldbones,

I don't think you can resize an image within the Pictures options of Google+ ( If you can I can't see where ! ) so you would need to open the picture in another picture editing programme first and reduce the size from there. Although not an instantly obvious choice I generally use Microsoft Office 2010's basic editing tools to resize and / or compress images.

There was an earlier thread about photos in general here:

as mentioned in that, Photobucket is a good option as you can edit / resize and it gives each image the necessary URL to post on the forum .