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Please update your details

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:55 am
by Sue
Hi all,

when the forum had its recent outage problems I sent out an email to those of you who had ticked the box to allow email contact from Forum admin. This showed that quite a few of you have out dated email addresses still listed on your accounts. It makes no difference as far as reading / posting messages is concerned but does mean you won't get any important messages from me about the Forum / GG news.

It would be greatly appreciated therefore if you could check that I have an active email account listed for you. The same also applies if you signed up for the GG Newsletter but have changed your email address without updating that either.

If you have any problems with this drop me an email via the main contact form or a private message via the Forum with your old and new details and I'll update the info for you.

Many thanks