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Welcome to the new Discussion Forum

Postby Sue » Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:08 am

Hi all,

Welcome to Gordon's new Discussion Forum.

If you were used to posting on Gordon's previous Forums, you will know that things have changed - for the better we hope !

As part of the now essential precautions against mass spam attacks, you will need to register with a Username and Password on the first occasion that you wish to post a message. You then have to wait to be check and activated by Admin, usually within 12 hours. Once this is done you are able to post to the board without any further delays.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that no spam will get through, but we hope the safeguards will minimise any rogue postings, and the boards will be checked regularly.

Gordon will be reading the Forums and replying to messages as often as he can.

We would ask that postings are not offensive to others users.

Please try to post within the most appropriate category for your subject, although these are only guidelines. No one will mind if you post in the "wrong" place ! You will be able to start new topics or polls and respond to existing ones. Please restrict the number of Smilies used to a sensible number within your postings. :D

Admin reserve the right to move, edit or delete posts or topics if appropriate, and ultimately ban users if necessary.

There is a FAQ at the top of the board which should answer most common questions about using this board.

So, it's your board, enjoy it!

Sue ( Admin )

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