Meeting music royalty

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Meeting music royalty

Postby sultan4swing » Sun Jun 14, 2020 4:28 pm

Reading Gordon's humble appreciation at meeting a Who guitar hero...… One such memory will always live with me.... ClassicFM coming on line back some 25 years ago, exposed me to a whole realm of amazing classical music.... In 1996, one result of this, and inspired by a visit to an old French cottage enroute from a holiday, was to go looking for a property in Malvern. While searching the area one Sunday, we heard some amazing violin scales coming from a garden... Transpires it was one Nigel Kennedy practicing.... Some time later, we booked for a concert at Malvern Theatre, with the cello maestro, Steven Isserlis.... During the interval, we went to the bar, and my then wife grabbed my arm and dragged me towards a guy drinking there. Basically it was a case of.... ""It's Nigel Kennedy - I have got to meet him"""""..... Well suffice to say the rest of the ijterval was spent with my wife hanging onto Nige's arm, and the two of us discussing acoustic guitar heroes... !!!!! I was gigging a lot, and his advice to me changed my whole perspective on what I was doing.... basically it was .. """" listen to a lot more music than you play""""...… Even today, nearly 30 years on... still subscribe to that.... and what a musical memory to look back on... !!!!!!

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