Recent gigs

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Recent gigs

Postby PaulJ » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:36 am

This year has been quite busy for me as far as watching gigs is concerned.

Just after my birthday, at the end of March, my wife and I went to see Steven Wilson. For the uninitiated, he's the force behind prog bands like Porcupine Tree and projects like No-Man. These days, he's turned his craft towards more accessible and, dare I say, "pop" style tracks. He filled the Royal Albert Hall and all the other venues. Rather than bore you with my thoughts, have a listen to his latest albums "Hand Cannot Erase" and "To The Bone". Some find him a slow burn, so stick with it....

Last week, my wife and I saw Sonny Landreth at "229 The Venue" at the top of Great Portland Street. Again, for those unfamiliar with Sonny, he's a Louisiana blues / zydeco guitarist. As he's a master of "slide", some refer to him as a "slydeco" guitarist. What a guitarist...! I've never seen slide played like that before. He's played with the likes of Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks and other blues legends. Check out these albums: "Bound By The Blues", "South of I-10" and "Recorded Live in Lafayette". The latter is his most recent and formed the backbone of the set we saw.

Hope you enjoy....

Tonight, we're off to The Borderline to see Blues Caravan (featuring Bernard Allison, Vanja Sky and Mike Zito. Looks like a great, bluesy line-up. Can't wait.

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Re: Recent gigs

Postby Sue » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:40 am

Hi Paul,

some names I don't know there so will investigate, thanks.

Have a great time tonight,

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Re: Recent gigs

Postby piotrwargan » Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:30 pm

Nothing can substitute good gigs of the bands one likes, I think.

Paul has mentioned Steven Wilson, so I will write about Ania and mine experience associated with his gig several years ago. In 2013 his album "Raven that Refused to Sing" came out and Steven came to Poland with a gig to remember. There were two reasons for it: great playing (but rather "heavy" rock music) and very scary subjects of the songs (during the concert slides/films were shown to illustrate the plot, and they were scary).
I have also a favourite from the Porcupine Tree: "Lazarus". It is the music, the words and the sound of train at the end that make it a magical tune for me and with a very special associations...

Ania's favourite singer is Ray Wilson. It is one of my favourite musicians as well. We have been to several of his concerts (acoustic, with a band and with Stiltskin) and these guys never fail to amaze the audience. Do check out the album by the guitarist who is part of Ray Wilson's band: Ali Ferguson. I think it is a beautiful album and its title is "A Sequence of Moments".

Oh, last year we attended a very special gig in Fleece Inn at the end of April :-)

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Re: Recent gigs

Postby sultan4swing » Fri May 18, 2018 9:58 pm

My wife and visited Cambridge this week to have a look around - for me the first time, wonderful buildings - the universities , the many churches and the older part of the city... gorgeous. We also timed this to attend a concert by one of my alltime musical icons.... Nigel Kennedy... Have followed his career for many years and have been fortunate to see him in concert on a number of occasions.. The man is a true genius of his instrument - having branched out from purely classical music to explore themes such as Hendrix and The Doors music - Purple Haze has to be heard by him, to be believed... !!! This concert was different - musically as always brilliant but disappointing in that from the concert description we expected a balanced programme of Bach and Gershwin. In the event we felt cheated as there was one introductory Bach piece, a new Jewish kletzmer style piece but all the concert was Gershwin jazz influenced music.... jazz is ok, but for us in smaller doses.... but amazing to hear him play a mean jazz piano for the first time. Also the concert started late with little apology .... well ... that's Nige... But now after our first Norwich Festival concert - Diva Mahal - a lady specialising in a mix of gospel, blues and soul, we have to look forward to - a Bollywood orchestra, Syrian traditional music and Catherine Tickell's traditional northern English folk music.... and , almost forgot, a chance to hear Gordon in Norfolk - 11 August (see my concert blog)... Recalling memories of Nige - hearing him playing scales in his garden some 20 years ago in Malvern , and chatting about accoustic guitar icons in the bar at The Malvern Winter Gardens during the concert interval with one of his mates, the great cellist Steven Isserlis.... happy memories.... !!!!!!

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Re: Recent gigs - Maya Youssef

Postby sultan4swing » Fri May 25, 2018 2:27 pm

As my wife and I did.... maybe one to go out on a musical limb for if you get the opportunity ???? As well as having embraced classical music, opera etc, plus my life-long popular music interests, we have also in the course of our travels, picked up on many countries traditional music... Every Christmas, we bring out a range of seasonal eclectic music including a Naxos CD 'On the Road to Bethlehem - songs of Medieval Pilgrims'..... a revelation in mainly Eastern European and Middle Eastern traditional music and instruments.... wonderfully atmospheric... Having homed in from this CD, a mesmerising track of Syrian music , we felt a Norwich Festival concert this week with the above artist would be right up our street... We could not have had a more memorable evening, as reflected in the post concert almost total audience standing ovation - something I've not seen at a concert of any level for many years.. This lady is a total artist in her instrument - a qunan (72 string zither) backed by wonderfully sensitive cellist and percushionist, with many high-level concerts to her repetoire... Her compositions totally reflect her anguish and life in war-torn Syria..... absolutely mesmerising - we left totally uplifted.... Her debut album - Syrian Dreams is available from her website or Amazon.... give it a play for some sublime reflection and inspiration....

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