Nice to see you & Hilary , Gordon !

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Nice to see you & Hilary , Gordon !

Postby Simon the Angel » Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:42 pm


What a pleasant surprise to see you and Hillary in Stratford Upon Avon recently, on the same weekend as the Stratford River Festival.

I'm sorry that I had to shoot off to get some essential provisions, but I enjoyed our brief chat none-the-less !

I wasn't sure if you and Hilary, had the chance to go over to the park and see all the boats all moored up; our narrowboat nb Vida Nueva being one of them.

Earlier in the morning there was a stunning Swing band in the bandstand who performed in the very convincing style of the Hot Club Of France, called 'Swing Museum'
Check them out on you tube....superb !!

I enjoyed your interview with John Etheridge, when you mentioned Darryl Way's Wolf. I have been a great admirer of Darryl Way's music ever since I saw Curved Air at Skindles in Maidenhead in that magical summer of 1976. Like every other young bloke in the audience, I fell deeply in love with Sonya Kristina ! a very beautiful and highly talented Lady aided with the brilliant Tony Reeves,(formerly of Green Slade) on bass, Stewart Copeland on Drums, Mick Jacques on guitar, and of course Darryl Way on violin. Darryl's arrangement of Vivaldi Four Seasons was breathtaking. I have always admired Darryl's work, his concerto for electric violin is literally awesome IMHO.

I listened to a young harpsichord player on Radio 3 recently, he was playing a beautiful piece by Mendelssohn, I couldn't help thinkning how well your guitar skills could meld with this music the trills etc., are so suitable for such interaction....worth a try Gordon?

I'll keep an eye out for your gigs and if I can I will of course come along, after all I've enjoyed listening to your music since 1975(?).

My problem is time, I took up singing in 2008, as a way of getting over my period of unemployment. I joined Banbury Choral Society in September 2008 and got addicted, and am also a bass member of Consensio, an acapella choir of 12.

Both choirs take a lot of rehearsal time, especially as I have singing lessons with a lovely girl called Sarah Haigh in Cropredy. Sarah has sorted out my breathing and put me forward for the Trinity Guildhall foundation performance certificate, which I passed with distinction in June 2013, the next step up is in September when I take the intermediate exam.

I've always thought it would be great to see you perform in Mollington Village Hall....we had Edgar Broughton there 2 years ago!

So how about it Gordon ?

If you and Hillary, are near Banbury on 4th October Consensio are performing at St Mary's Church in Banbury.
Vida Nueva will be moored in Castle Quay(a few yards from the Mill Theatre) Banbury, that weekend, as part of Banbury Canal Day.

I look forward to hear from you soon, in the meantime take care !

Kindest Regards
Simon Angel

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Re: Nice to see you & Hilary , Gordon !

Postby GORDON » Sat Jul 19, 2014 2:43 pm

Nice one Simon.

Good to see you too and hear all your news.

We LOVE Stratford!

Be well.


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