It was 31 years ago Today . . . .

This is the place to post items relating to Gordon and his music in a general sense, such as his influences, how he composes, which pieces you enjoy most and why etc.

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ray in glasgow
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It was 31 years ago Today . . . .

Postby ray in glasgow » Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:22 pm

...the BBC had Gordon Play.

Top of the Pops, 26/01/78

(upped by youtube's "UncleBobW" )

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Bob Wilson
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Postby Bob Wilson » Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:01 pm

Hi Ray
It will be for a short time, unfortunately, as I cannot seem to find where to get BBC copyright permission from. It will probably disappear in a few days unless I can obtain their permission, sorry! Gordon is OK with it, but the BBC is another thing :) However, if I manage to find where to get it afterwards I shall repost. I know there are a lot of TOTPs vids out there on YouTube but I prefer to keep it above board if possible.
Act quickly everyone :)
Best wishes

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Postby AndrewD » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:33 pm

That was a real blast from the past! Gordon - you looked like you were really enjoying yourself on stage there; it was great to watch. My sister bought Perilous Journey (and Visionary) and these were my introductions to Gordon's music at the tender age of 11. I spent the next 25 years wishing I could play "Heartsong" and tried to learn it on a couple of occasions when "A Special Collection" was published by getting it from my local library. It didn't happen, I was nowhere near. Now I own "A Special Collection" and have worked on learning it for a while now. Having had my acoustic seriously seen to and set up I am actually getting there! It is all in memory but not at tempo yet. It is so much fun to play and I am glad I persisted :D (even though it has taken me 30 years).

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