Fylde guitar nostalgia

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Fylde guitar nostalgia

Postby sultan4swing » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:10 pm

Gordon.... Hi.... can I take you back to late 1960's.. ??? Yesterday saw a mention of Fylde guitars and it took me back... In late 1960's you played accoustic support on the debut album of a then up and coming Christian singer/guitarist Graham Kendrick. I remember then he had just bought a Fylde guitar.. This was about the time that there was surge in informal church music which has produced since a wealth of modern hymns and 'worship' songs.... This was where my guitar/singing started. Graham Kendrick's album.. Footsteps on the Sea'.. was the catalyst for many christian albums with a wealth of beautifully crafted songs and melodies... and a big influence on the direction in which I went musically... Graham Kendrick went on to produce 2 more albums of crafted songs, and then since became a major influence in the development of worship songs/new hymns and large scale evangelical gatherings... (but not a patch on his early folk songs) .Funny what can bring back all these memories.... PS.. so sad to read today that Clapton's hearing issues may impact his future performances.... personally totally understand having overnight some 8 months ago, lost most of my hearing and the upper registers in my left ear, plus severe residual tinnitus..... a big challenge trying to still sing and play to a standard that I'm happy with.... !!! So altho can't justify purchasing a Fylde, happy that my Yamaha CC838S - 1976 - their first decent solid top accoustic - still sounds terrific, even if the player doesn't.... It was purchased for 200-00p and is now going for USD1500-2500- so is obviously a desired instrument....

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