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Gordon’s music in the theatre

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:43 am
by piotrwargan
The first time I heard Gordon’s music was in a theatre in 1981. The title of the play was “Rycerze Króla Artura” “King Arthur’s Knights” and was based on the legends of the Round Table. It was staged by the then famous Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre of Henryk Tomaszewski. The word “pantomime” covers a very wide spectrum of styles, and this was a unique style that was more like theatre without words than a classic pantomime. It bears little resemblance to the UK concept of pantomime.

The links contain some short fragments of the play, filmed in 1986, in which Gordon’s music was a very important vehicle conveying very strong emotions. Several compositions from the Visionary album can be heard in the play. Along with
Gordon’s music there were also pieces from Wagner, Hummel, Dominik etc.

Photos from the play can be seen here (scroll down and open “ZDJĘCIA”): ... egoly.html

Short fragments (some with Gordon’s music) can be watched here:,26652,tag-701362