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Micro mesh abrasive pads

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:33 pm
by guy.murray
For those of you who prefer to pluck with bare fingers, here is a tip I gleaned from an American classical guitar website.

Micro mesh pads, as used by fine quality wood turners for polishing up things like fountain pen barrels, are absolutely fantastic for shaping and polishing finger nails. They come in a range of grades, the coarsest of which is finer than any emery board you're likely to find, and are typically 50mm square on a thin foam backing.

This soft backing allows the pads to follow the shape of your nails better than a hard board, and the finest grades put a real shine on your nail ends.

Googling will find numerous suppliers of these things, I got a set of 9 different grades for around £10 with the postage.

I'm told they can be washed when they get gunged up, though I haven't yet tried it.