My amazing ve2000gg coincidence :)

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My amazing ve2000gg coincidence :)

Postby daniellouisduffy » Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:25 pm

I am the proud owner of a ve2000gg signature guitar, and the other day if found that i needed the action on it lowering for the tapping (preston reed etc.) style i like to play. As i walked into my local guitar shop to have this done, i had an odd moment when i thought i was hallucinating because i saw a case sitting on the floor which was the exact duplicate of the ve2000gg case i was holding. Once i realised i wasnt dreaming, i enquired about the abandoned guitar, and found out that a jhs distributor was in MY local guitar shop trying to persuade the shop to begin supplying the guitar that I love to the lovely people of stockport! A coicidence like that seems mindblowing- considering that i am probably the only owner of one of these guiitars in stockport, and me an the distributor both happened to be in the same guitar shop ( one of several in the area) on the same day, at the same time, and carrying the same, fairly rare guitar! A mind-blowingly surreal experience. anyway i found the distributor talking with the manager, and we got chatting about the guitar, and i gave him a blisteringly positive review which seemed to make his day, and once he found out why my guitar was in the shop (action too high) and heard of my only other niggling complaint (slighlty off centre truss rod), he said he woulod contact the manufacturors in china for me to have the problem rectified- what a legend :). He was also surprised that i had managed to get hold of a ve2000gg just before the summer holidays, when they were mainly out of stock, (i WAS very lucky to do so), and said i was one of only 70 or so people in the country who owned one, which makes our freak chance meeting even weirder. Anyway it seems the distribution of this guitar is in good hands, and i think the distributor and I collectively persuaded the guitar shop to stock the guitar from now on... we shall see! :)

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Re: My amazing ve2000gg coincidence :)

Postby GORDON » Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:46 pm

Hi Daniell.

Would love to hear you play that two handed stuff on the GG one of these days.

When get round to recording something, do share it with us in these pages.

THANKYOU for that cracking posting and much appreciated.

Be Well.


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