Fylde GG Signature Prototype

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Fylde GG Signature Prototype

Postby TimH » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:49 pm

Whilst I do not think it appropriate to use this forum to advertise items for sale I thought on this one occasion I might be forgiven for letting the GG community know of something that might have specific interest to the readers: the prototype of his Fylde GG model, which is for sale (from me!)

You can find it advertised in the classifieds section of the current issue of Guitarist magazine. I won't go into a sales pitch here but am very happy if people want to contact me "offline" (so to speak) at the following email address: timg@hackhurst.go-plus.net

The history of this guitar is quite an interesting story (for me) as it marked my introduction to Gordon in the flesh. I had written in to his website as it then was asking for information on buying a high quality acoustic guitar, expecting nothing more than some 2nd assistant (twice removed) to direct me to a selection of manufacturer's websites (or, if unlucky, to get no reply at all). In actual fact, Gordon himself replied (no surprise to regular participants in this forum as we have learnt how approachable he is and how engaged with his fans).

Gordon offered me to opportunity to buy 1 (or more!) of his collection at the time (and I ended up buying two!). Perhaps more importantly I got to meet Gordon, to try his guitars, in his house and have a rather tasty lunch of cheese on toast (courtesy of Hillary) - I can report that the dish never tasted better!

Over the years I have kept in touch through various opportunities and Gordon has reciprocated, which is a mark of the man. Sadly finances don't permit me to keep 2 GG guitars so one has to go but I will never forget my buying trip up to the Midlands (or my nerves when Gordon handed me his guitars to have a go on: mind = blank! Memory of where fingers go on fretboard = missing!)

Anyway, just an anecdote that means a lot to me and I think quite a few others will have got to know Gordon through similar "unplanned" routes over the years.

Are there other "met the hero" stories out there?

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