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Postby Jon G » Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:18 pm

GORDON wrote:"I'm sure you and I can't be doing with this snob capo nonsense."

You guessed it - I'll do whatever it takes to get the sound right - and I cheat even worse when I'm recording.

To try and redeem my sax-playing foot-in-mouth friend, he was talking at the time about a local rock band he mentors who play nothing but 12-bars in E and use the capo to vary the key. Probably the bass player too, I shouldn't wonder.

He himself is a consummate artist, and not only gives us his time free but taught me how to shave reeds to customise the sound. Just doesn't understand guitarists...

You and Hilary have a great Christmas too - don't get snowed in like we have!
Nothing can possibly go wrong...

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