Strap buttons

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Strap buttons

Postby TimH » Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:03 pm

Hi Gordon and any others with techie experience,
I have a Fylde Alchemist (Gordon you will know which I am referring to - the prototype Fylde Signature) and it has just the one strap button currently, in the end-pin position. To date, when using a strap, I have used a shoe-lace to fix the other end of the strap to the headstock (just behind the nut) but this has always felt a bit unstable so I thought I would fit a strap button somewhere near the heel of the neck. Question is: where is the best place to fit it? To the rim of the body just above the neck heel? Is there enough wood at this point for the button's screw to actually grip into? How about the back of the neck heel itself? Any views from experienced tinkerers welcome.

Trevor Raggatt
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Postby Trevor Raggatt » Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:54 pm

I had an extra strap button added to my Fylde GG. Here's where it ended up...


I had it done by Charlie Chandler at Charlie Chandler's Guitar Experience. He commented that you need to be careful drilling into the heel of Fyldes as they use a retaining bolt system for the neck joint. I think he said that he had to shave a bit off the end of the screw holding the strap button on and had seated the screw in the hole with a little wood glue to be doubly sure.

I don't know if Gordon has found similar issues with the neck joint on his Fyldes when having strap buttons added. However, you might think about getting it done by a local guitar tech rather than going DIY.

Hope that helps.

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