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Postby scottj1 » Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:37 pm

hi gordon.i really enjoyed reading your thoughts on fylde and ovation guitars that appeared in the newsletter it certainly answered a few questions that i had on the subject!i readily admit that iv'e had a bit of a passion for ovations for quite a long time and this is heavily influenced by yourself.i have to admit to being flabbergasted that you were not an endorsee!they must have sold loads on your showcasing them for what was i guess four or five years.i'm currently using a mid seventies folklore model (is this the one from the live at oxford period?)but i guess once pickups improved then to use the fyldes onstage must have been a real lift because they do sound so wonderful.i also like the tone you got from a yamaha apx.they are an excellent instrument for a modest price.thanks again for a great read a real anoraks treat!

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