One of Gordon's guitars for sale

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One of Gordon's guitars for sale

Postby TimH » Tue Nov 14, 2023 10:38 am

Hi all,
Back in 2002 I messaged Gordon's website (as it was, back in those days) to ask for advice on buying a good quality acoustic guitar. Not knowing any better at the time I assumed some junior office hand might (if I was lucky) send at least a kindly reply with a bit of info. Of course that didn't happen - Gordon himself replied! We ended up chatting on the phone a bit and he then asked if I would be interested in buying one of his guitars! Not being a complete idiot I jumped at the chance and was invited to his house to look over a few guitars and choose something. I ended up buying two custom Fylde Alchemists, built to Gordon's spec by Roger Bucknall, one of which (a beautiful combination of walnut back/sides with cedar top) has ended up my main acoustic for the last 20 years. I have decided it is now time for this guitar to move on to a new owner and take the GG history (and no small amount of mojo) with it. This forum isn't really a buy'n'sell place, but I wanted to offer it to people with a genuine interest and love of all things GG-related so If you would be interested in owning this unique piece of GG history (and a beautiful sounding and looking instrument) then please send me a private message via this forum and I can supply photos and any further info you would like. I live just north of Brighton so probably best if you are in a position to try it out and collect it in person.
All the best, Tim.

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