Voyage Air Guitar 2023

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Voyage Air Guitar 2023

Postby BRC » Sat Apr 01, 2023 10:37 am


I am fascinated by your acquisition of a Voyage Air Guitar and look forward to an appreciation of this at some time from you.

I purchased new, direct from Voyage Air Guitar, a VAD04 in 2017 - I did make a post to the 'Guitar Anorak' Discussion forum - so have an interest beyond inquisitiveness.

I am a humble average guitar player, though arthritis has started to compromise my playing. That doesn't mean giving up, but just finding different ways to play what I used to be able to play reasonably easily. I am really pleased with my VAD04 and will be taking it on its 4th trip by plane to Crete later in the year.

I do have other guitars but would not trust any airline putting any of them in the hold ... even in my strongest hard case!

The folding neck is a quite incredibly clever bit of engineering, though I would add a warning of keep your fingers well clear of that neck joint when locking in place.

Anyway, I look forward to your deliberations on the instrument in due course.

Kind regards

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