The 1981 Ovation accoustic

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The 1981 Ovation accoustic

Postby sultan4swing » Thu Jan 13, 2022 5:38 pm

Hi Gordon... Sounds like a lovely guitar and a good buy.... I bought a 2nd hand Taiwan made Ovation electro-accoustic 12S back in about 2006.. Obviously not in the same build quality league as the US built ones which were so prevalent in the 1970/80's... but good sound projection and amplifies well . It has some in-built sound effects and complements my small 50W accoustic amp... but overall have always liked the raw metallic edge sound.... a good rhythm instrument for someone who now only occasionally plays at home... covid lockdowns unfortunately have had an impact on the motivation of even the most positive of us.... It's now 2022 and time to get my collection of your CD's out again.... a logical move move towards a more positive year and anticipation of a more normal post covid life and the ability to pursue personal plans and goals.... Hoping that will be your and any posters experience this year... Best wishes .. Sultan.... X

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