Roland vs Blackstar

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mel randall
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Re: Roland vs Blackstar

Postby mel randall » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:53 pm

i am really glad I found this post as I was deliberating between a Peavy 15w and a Vox 10w amp. After doing research on the Blackstar ID Core 20w and with the help of a post from Brad, as regarding playing an electro acoustic guitar through it, I decided to buy and it has just arrived today. It appears to be a good all round guitar amp and after digging one of my trusty or should I say rusty hard bodied electric guitars out as it has been quite a while since I last played them, nowadays preferring to play my favourite electro acoustic guitar.
Both guitars sounded amazing through this amp and after playing around with the preamp settings on the acoustic it now sounds very similar to not being plugged in which I struggled to achieve through a mixer board direct through a PA when I was playing live before moving north of the border a couple of years ago. ( Looks like my 50w Intermusic combo which I have owned for not far off 40 years is going to have to find a new home.)
My project for this weekend is to get my head around all the effects which are built into it.
Thanks for all who have put really good information on this post

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Re: Roland vs Blackstar

Postby Roger » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:17 pm

Just to let you all know that I bought a Microcube GX quite recently, s/h, but in as new condition for £75. This and the fact that it runs on batteries swayed me towards the Roland in the end. Very impressed so far, but still a lot to explore.

Thanks to all for the advice,

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