VE2000GG setup q?

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VE2000GG setup q?

Postby Corkonian » Thu May 08, 2014 2:44 pm

Hi there!
I was looking for some Cedar topped grandness when I stumbled upon a VE2000GG. Attracted at first by the unusual shape, I soon realised that the VE2000GG is one of the finest pieces of kit around. Period.
But it suffers from the usual China guitar problems.
1) neck angle too shallow
2) nut not cut properly
3) too much neck relief
4) high action

Now, I do not expect anything else from an inexpensive Chinese guitar, there is not enough meat at the bone to warrant impeccable setup. Those guitars have to be able to be sold right out of the box and setting them up very much on the safe side diminishes returns and effort in the shop.
But as a player, I want a more comfortable guitar. Anyone here knows what can be achieved in terms of action when considering mostly fingerpicking with very occasional strumming and using EXP16's?

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Re: VE2000GG setup q?

Postby GORDON » Fri May 09, 2014 6:04 pm

Hello sir.

I truly hear what your saying, and wouldn't it be great to get guitars( any guitars) off the shelf that play superbly.A friend of mine less than a year ago bought brand new an Eric Clapton 00028 Martin, that not only had the most horrendously high action but was seriously faulty.In the end they exchanged it for another model which I'm delighted to report is apparently a cracker.

Getting back to my guitars.I have to say that I have yet to find any of the models that weren't possible to set up really well.Obviously you speak the truth when you say that work has to be done on the top nut and the bridge saddle,and a possible truss rod adjustment.Once that is done in my experience they play superbly,and I HAVE to have a super low action for my style of playing.

I currently use four models live and in the studio, the deluxe version ,the first edition one as well as the amazing mahogany one!

Thanks ever so much for your positive comments though at the opening f your posting sir, it is greatly encouraging and appreciated.

Be well.


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Re: VE2000GG setup q?

Postby Oldbones » Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:27 am

A little while ago, whilst wandering the bylanes of Youtube, I hit upon uploads by one of the folks involved in 'Re-loved guitars'. They take mass-produced guitars and do major setups on them to turn them into good instruments. The videos I found are fascinating but VERY long and a tad rambling ... but nonethless full of useful information

Their channel is here: ... xTCvdX58sA

and the video I landed on is here:

They have a Facebook section which I haven't explored as I have no interest in FB, but here's the link ...
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