Help on choosing my next acoustic

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Re: Help on choosing my next acoustic

Postby BRC » Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:08 pm


I hate to do this, but ...... Gordon gave you a pointer to Ivor Mairants, in London, earlier, and I have had a look at the website today and notice that they have reduced their prices for the Vintage GG range.

The VE2000GG 6 string is reduced to £349 and the mahogany model to £289, and, dare I say it, you can also get 6 month 0% credit. Sorry about that, particularly as how much we all are in debt being a topical issue right now. However, this does give you another option to consider.

If you haven't yet made any decision at least a have a nose round on the Ivor Mairants website -

I have made far too many posts on this forum in the past few days so I shall leave it there, though thought the 'heads-up' might help you.


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Re: Help on choosing my next acoustic

Postby Oldbones » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:57 am


You listed a Faith guitar in your first post.
I can confirm that they a wonderful instruments. I once had a Faith FJCE which was excellent with a perfect build quality and a very low action.

HOWEVER - if I had to recommend just one affordable 6 string built to the same quality and with a great sound I'd have to put forward the TAYLOR GS MINI, I have one of the original models but the guitar has proved so popular that it's now offered in a range of different woods. There are masses of examples and reviews on Youtube, but here are a couple to start with which feature the model I have:

There are other reviews and demos which feature other woods and finishes.

One of the reviewers in the videos I've suggested sums up the Mini perfectly when he says "..A small guitar with a big sound.." That's really true - yet it can also be as subtle as you wish.

The second reviewer also uses Taylor's separate Es-go pickup system. With this I have reservations. It IS unbelievably easy to fit but I find that the output is rather low. If you wanted to go electro, I'd recommend something like a Fishman instead.

I've had my GS Mini for a couple of years and still love it to bits (not literally, you understand). It's a magnificent instrument and comes in a light but very strong rigid (but not hard) case. I'd happily buy another if this one got damaged or lost.

So Matt - if you haven't already made your choice, I STRONGLY recommend that you add the Taylor GS Mini to your list. The current asking price for the original model tends to be around £420. I've no idea if Gordon has ever tried one. If so, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts.
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