Strings for Elise gg signature jhs Black Label

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Strings for Elise gg signature jhs Black Label

Postby rickguitar60 » Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:52 pm

After being amazed by the ve2000gg in playability and value "write about that later" I purchased an Elise. Superb quality and sound and playability. 2 questions... if anyone out there has also bought one did you get a booklet at all. Although I've figured out the pickups may have missed something. The piezo bridge is powerful and sounds great on it's own.I find when you blend it in it cleans and tightens up the fixed pickup sound. For me it's a plectrum style blues jazz guitar, the shorter scale suits. The second question is, I'm now on the journey of finding the right string for me. Guess 10's fitted from factory. I'm in the process of trying 11's flat wounds.
As a note settled on Thomastik Plecrum polished bronze 11's for ve2000gg. Rick

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Re: Strings for Elise gg signature jhs Black Label

Postby GORDON » Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:59 pm

Hi Rick.

I bet the guitar sounds great with 11 gauge on,very full and rich I bet! I have currently put a set of 10's on mine and screwed the stop bar tailpiece right down thus giving good relief behind the bridge and giving a good downward pull over the transducer.
Yes, your right sir,no booklet to go with the guitar,but like you I use all the settings and blends to get a good variation of tone and colour.THANKYOU for choosing this guitar.

Be well.


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