He pops up everywhere...!

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He pops up everywhere...!

Postby Mike Stranks » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:15 am

So there I was reading the Absolutemusic Magazine (other retailer mags are available) when I came across an article about buying an acoustic guitar...

Now not being a player myself I was only skimming it when I spotted a photo of Gordon in a sidebar piece. This was the author's assessment of the "Top 5 Acoustic Tracks".

'Heartsong' was at number 2 - only beaten by 'Pinball Wizard'.*

So another accolade for Gordon in a widely-read freebie magazine. It's the first copy I've come across and I thought it very practical and informative. It's obviously encouraging you to buy gear from them, but there were some genuinely helpful and interesting reviews and 'how to' articles in it. I must say, as a non-player, I did like the look of the pedal-board which is driven by an iPad which locks into the top surface... "What will they think of next?

* Full list:
1) Pinball Wizard - The Who
2) Heartsong - Gordon Giltrap
3) Irish Girl - Adrian Legg
4) Streets of London - Ralph McTell
5) Bamboleo - Gypsy Kings
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Re: He pops up everywhere...!

Postby GORDON » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:03 am

WOW....Thanks for this Mike...

Made my day on this soggy Easter Monday.

Be Well my friend.


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