Finding a good guitar tutor?

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Finding a good guitar tutor?

Postby Moodyblue » Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:35 pm

This is a bit of an appeal if I am honest. I first picked up the guitar in 1984 and as we mostly all do, had a series of lessons each and every week to help me on my way. The tutor was a local guy who would turn up every Tuesday evening for an hour and tab me out whatever I would ask for. This lasted for a few years until circumstances changed and I stopped having lessons.

Roll on to 1992 and I once again decided to take up lessons. This time from a guy called John Mizzarolli who was/is a pretty good electric player to say the least. Not the best of teachers but he knew his stuff. Again this lasted for a few years until I could no longer afford the fees.

I had a few different teachers on and off in the interim but none of them seemed to work very well for me and I didn't feel I was getting what I needed.

Roll on to 2019 and here I am, hopefully a much better player and of course, the quest to improve never dies BUT...what I now discover is that I cannot find a teacher who specifically teaches what I am looking for. It seems the internet has taken over and online lessons are the 'in' thing nowadays.

I have been trying to find the type of one to one lessons fairly local, I am willing to travel a bit but even so, how does one find the right tutor with all the skills needed to enhance one's playing?

I would be interested to hear anyone's feedback on tuition or how they find the right teacher to learn from.
Any pointers would be very helpful.

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