Bishops Itchington - 17/03/2012

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Bishops Itchington - 17/03/2012

Postby keithmeredith » Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:51 pm

Saturday 17th March saw Fiona and me making our fourth - or is it fifth - visit to the Church of St.Michael in Bishops Itchington. On this occasion we were at this beautiful venue to see the Troubadour and Lord Raymond of Burley perform as Double Vision.

We were welcomed warmly by our host - Martin Green - and were soon chatting with Sian and Hilary as we awaited the start of our evening's entertainment. I noted that we were in the prescence of musical royalty in that master luthier Rob Armstrong was attending - and that the sound was in the more than capable hands of Sir Michael Stranks.

The anecdotes and repartee was well received from the start - and it was apparent that these two masters of their craft enjoy each other's company and share a mutual respect for and appreciation of the other's skills. The genuine nature of their friendship cannot be mistaken for an act. It is a joy to see and hear them play. It was particularly pleasant to listen to some lesser heard compositions - we don't hear The Racer and Daisy Chain often enough - and I am particularly taken with Tailor Bird. I understand that this last is a bit of a devil to play but it is such a happy and uplifting piece. The Double Vision version of Heartsong is also a particular favorite.

It is unfortunate that their schedules don't allow Ray and Gordon to perform together more frequently - we must console ourselves that the occasions are more special by their rarity. Thank you Double Vision. Fiona and I look forward to the next concert with happy anticipation.

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Re: Bishops Itchington - 17/03/2012

Postby GORDON » Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:25 pm

My Thanks as ever Keith for your loyal attendance and articulate words.

Great to see you both and THANKS for your help at the end with the lugging of Mike's gear out to the car.

It is ALL greatly appreciated my friend.

Be Well and here's to the next time,be it solo, duo, 3 Parts, 4 Parts or with Wakeman the younger!


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Re: Bishops Itchington - 17/03/2012

Postby Mike Stranks » Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:58 am


Leaving aside references to myself, another excellent review from Keith. I felt Mr G was on the very peak of his form in the repartee department and was getting into some comedy riffs worthy of 'stand-up' at times. :lol:

... and as Gordon has said... thanks a million for your (and Fiona's) help with the 'break-down' as it's known in the trade. I really do appreciate your help.

Here's to the next time - whenever that is. Gordon seems to have covered all known bases, but maybe an 'Echoes' concert... ?????? :wink: (No 'insider' knowledge there... 's just a thought...)
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