Bulkington Village Centre

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John Adams
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Bulkington Village Centre

Postby John Adams » Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:07 pm

As always a hearty welcome from all at Bulkington Village Centre for Gordon and his fans alike. It’s been a while since Pauline and I have managed to get to one of Gordon’s concerts and last night’s performance only reinforced my thoughts that just like my school reports I must try harder in 2012!!
A brand new “set” included many of our favourites and some “new old tunes” including Tailor Bird and The Racer which we haven’t heard live for a very long time! Gordon was on top form and as always the audience loved it, with humorous recollections and live banter including the promise of a duet with a promising young Harmonica player at next year’s concert! :lol:
I am pleased to say that there is still a place in the new set for Angi given the recent passing of both Davy Graham and Bert Jansch, it is still one of my favourite tunes and I believe that Gordon’s rendition brings a new dimension to the tune and in so doing keeps the tune and so many memories alive.
Gordon’s performance was inspired and Dodo’s Dream left the audience spellbound at the end of the first half as we were treated to what we believe is the best version of this tune yet.
The second half was no disappointment either, Gordon played many of our favourites, the audience listened in awe as the maestro performed, Gordon finished his “set” with Heartsong and Lucifer’s Cage and once again we were beaten by the clock and were left wanting more!
Many thanks to Gordon and Hilary and everyone else at the venue for a great night.

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Re: Bulkington Village Centre

Postby GORDON » Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:24 pm

Hi John.

ALWAYS a pleasure to see you at my concerts, it had indeed been a while. THANKYOU for that wonderful review, a fun night indeed.

Be Well Both.


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Mike Stranks
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Re: Bulkington Village Centre

Postby Mike Stranks » Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:28 am

I have fond memories of Bulkington... one of the very first venues at which I provided sound for Gordon.

I was hoping to be there on Saturday, but a busy diary made that inpossible. Great to hear that the maestro is still firing on all cylinders! :lol:

I really must try and get to a concert soon...
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Rob Orland
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Re: Bulkington Village Centre

Postby Rob Orland » Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:04 pm

Well.... just where do I begin when trying to describe our wonderful night out on Saturday? It was the first time we'd taken Steve to see Gordon since that memorable evening at Birmingham Symphony Hall back in 2005, when Steve was only 7 years old - but this time we had another 'potential fan' with us, a friend named Bill in his late 80s. I guess it's never too late to become a fan!

And boy did Gordon give us something to cherish. I wondered if it was possible to top the 2005 show, but I actually think that Gordon played even better than I've ever heard him before, either live or recorded! It was an amazing performance, a real treat for me being Dodo's Dream, which I'd never heard live, only on YouTube, so I knew I ought to expect something special. As always, Gordon didn't disappoint, and that piece, plus many old favourites, simply made this the best night of our whole year by far. In addition to the music, Gordon's humorous and friendly banter between songs simply highlighted what a brilliant all-round performer and entertainer he truly is.

Thank you on behalf of us all for a fantastic time. And I have the feeling you might also now have a new 'mouth organ' based anecdote to add to your repertoire!!!

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