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GBBF 2007

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 10:28 pm
by Roger
Hi Gordon!

Yet again, what a great gig! In some respects it was quite similar to a couple of years ago, as people were gradually distracted from their beer as you started playing and began to gather around the stage. The chatter gradually died down too, with some looks of amazement during “God save the Queen” and then silence during “Dodos Dream”, which continues its evolution! It was good to hear some of your newer pieces too and I’m sure that I heard some subtle changes to some of your usuals, like “Appalachian Dreaming”.

The appearance of the polymer guitar was very interesting. I thought that the sound was a little “thin”, but then it was in some excellent company (the Rob Armstrong baritone sounded great as always!). Is it a prototype or the finished article?

We left the beer festival early on in evening, as it was beginning to get rather crowded. As we were going Dr Feelgood came on stage to perform an acoustic set (not how I remember them!)

Hope you both had a good weekend in Weymouth.

Best wishes to you and Hilary

Roger & Em(x)

PS I’m pleased I got to tell you about Tom Toomey. It’s not every night you have “Dublin Day” played for you in a pub!

GBBF 2007

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 12:43 am
by jancyclops
Yep. Great gig (my first Gordon Giltrap gig, too). Many thanks, Gordon.

I went with an ex-colleague who was only there for the music and he agreed that the acoustics are so much better than they were at Olympia.

BTW, I told Tom McQweeney you gave him a mention on stage. It's just a shame he couldn't be there.

Phil Davison.