Rob Armstrong Benefit - The Result

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Mike Stranks
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Rob Armstrong Benefit - The Result

Postby Mike Stranks » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:48 am

I'm sure Gordon will add his own take on a special evening, but the most important news is that just over £1000 was raised for Rob's restart fund. Great news and what we were all there for.

The forum's roving reporter - K Meredith Esq - will doubtless contribute his usual perceptive and well-chosen words, but the icing on the cake was that the concert was superb.

All the guitars were Armstrongs and Armstrong-inspired - yes, even the electric was a very-tasty solid-mahagony Armstrong!

Gordon was on very top form for virtually ever piece and as the evening progressed was clearly revelling in the occasion. For me, at the sound-desk, it was one of those occasions when everything just comes together perfectly with the sound - not always the case I fear - which combined with Gordon's inspired playing enabled the genius of Rob's luthiering to be heard by all. The fact that Rob was first on his feet for the standing ovation says it all!

A glorious night of which I was proud to be a small part!

(Thanks as ever to the aforementioned Keith for sterling work on the 'roadying' front, assisted yesterday by Gordon's friend Adrian. (Hope I've got that name right!))

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Re: Rob Armstrong Benefit - The Result

Postby GORDON » Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:38 am

And a big THANKYOU to you Mike for providing your usual superb sound system and expertise. I shall as you so rightly said be reporting on the evening for next months NEW page.

A great night all round methinks, and what a result!

Be Well guv.


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Re: Rob Armstrong Benefit - The Result

Postby keithmeredith » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:20 pm

While I have been out enjoying myself on two wheels, Mike has summed up last night's benefit concert superbly.

This was without doubt a very special evening. It was inspired by a friendship, and was a tribute and a celebration of the work and skill of master guitar maker - Rob Armstrong. The wonderful setting of St.Michael's church suited the event admirably.

What can I add to Mike's post? Well, we had the world premier of the GG Signature 12 string - and it sounded su-blinking-perb. One of my favourite pieces, Ives Horizon, has seldom sounded so good. Gordon also presented an impromptu performance of Tailorbird - and a very different version of The Dodo on a stunning looking ( and heavy ) solid mahogany electric.

Apart from the most definite on form-ness of the Troubadour - and he was definitely hot last night - it is meeting such wonderful people that sets a GG gig well above the norm for me. Among this gathering I include John & Pauline Adams: our host Rev.Martin Green: Gordon's friend Andrew (I think): Rob Armstrong (of course): and a local parishioner ( whose name escapes me but he is a fellow Harley-Davidson owner ).

It is also always a pleasure to be with the wonderful Hilary - ever supportive of our Troubadour ( except when it comes to ironing underwear, apparently) and a joy to spend time with Mr. Mike Stranks. Keep twiddling those knobs, Mike, and we like Lucifer's Cage up at #!!.

A grand venue: exceptional atmosphere: superlative music: £1000 raised: sterling result.


John Adams
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Re: Rob Armstrong Benefit - The Result

Postby John Adams » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:43 am

What more can I say? A great evening spent with friends in a beautiful Warwickshire village listening to fantastic music played by a very talented musician on stunning guitars all crafted by Rob Armstrong (who I am very pleased to hear now has his workshop up an running and is making wonderful instruments better than ever!)
As always Mike Stranks ensured we received only the very best quality sound from Gordon’s magnificent guitar playing and to see the range of Rob’s exceptional guitars (from brand new “out of the box” 12 string to a guitar over 30 years old) on stage was a treat in itself!
We even received a few surprises – I didn’t know Rob’s talent included the production of a very fine sounding (and very heavy) solid bodied electric guitar and Gordon in a moment of inspiration produced Tailor Bird from Peacock Party (a tune I haven’t heard for a very long time) – I’m not sure where that came from but it was very well received!
As always, it was good to meet up with Hilary, Keith and other friends who have become so much part of the scene at Gordon’s concerts and a big thank you to Martin and his team for making the evening such a great success!

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