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Marlborough College

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:58 pm
by Terry60
I saw this concert on local posters, and bought tickets as a long-standing Wakeman fan, and was delighted to find one of the guitarists on my "Contemporary Guitar Sampler" (volume 1 - why no mention in the discography ?), would be guesting.
I was privileged to be in the front row, just a few feet away and able to observe the flawless fingering of a virtuoso guitarist in sparkling form.
I enjoyed every moment and (sorry Rick) it was the highlight of the concert for me.
Thanks also for not picking me in Rick's "humiliate the audience" Jingle Bells.

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:24 pm
by Sue
Hi Terry,

I have included Vol 2 ( scroll down to bottom of main discography menu ) but just for you I will correct this oversight in the morning ! :oops: :wink: However, there are GG tracks on quite a number of compilation discs that we haven't included in the discographys at the moment as we've concentrated on the main releases, and probably quite a few more we don't even know about !! I found one included on an obscure Spanish LP just this week - not sure if Gordon even knows about that one :lol: !!

Brilliant weekend wasn't it ?

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 1:51 pm
by Sue
As most of you will know, I run Gordon's website. This often allows Mike and I privileged access to shows, and this weekend was rather special – the Rick Wakeman Christmas Concerts.

We were already worried if we would even make it to the event due to snow in other parts of Kent on Friday ( we missed it here in Ramsgate) and then it started snowing here at 8am on Sat and we had trouble getting back from the town centre, but we made it all the way without any difficulty once we got going.

Anyway, Saturday lunchtime we drove up to Swindon, to the Marriott hotel where we booked in for 2 nights. Then we headed off to Marlborough College where Gordon was the special guest of Rick for two nights of brilliant gigs.

These were not your usual RW gigs, the lineup included members of the English Chamber Choir – last seen on stage with Rick at Hampton Court for his 6 Wives Extravaganza, his children Oliver ( who plays keyboards with Yes and Strawbs - so we'd met him several times previously - as well as his own band ) Adam ( who has just finished a tour on keyboards for Will Young, and is rejoining Ozzy Osbourne touring later in the year ) and Jemma ( who plays keyboards and sings ) and the whole event is Christmas themed, so it included various carols.

We arrived at the historic venue - an exclusive public school - around 5pm and joined everyone backstage. They are all so friendly, and had their wives and small children ( Ricks grandchildren ) with them. The whole weekend is really a big Wakeman family / fan party. We were welcomed by everyone, chatting away like old friends.

The hall was packed both nights - about 400 people a time. Rick played some solo pieces as did each of his children and the choir and then there were various combinations. They were long shows as there was so much Rick wanted to include.

Gordon played 6 numbers in each show, - complete with amazing lazer lights and superb sound system - his last number each night was a duet with Rick - Maddies Goes West, and then he joined everybody for the finale, "White Christmas " Although a lot of people present were familiar with Gordon, many knew his name but had never seen him play - he made a lot of new fans and went down extremely well with Dodo being a high point.

Most of you will know Gordon and Rick recently released an album "From Brush and Stone". At one point Gordon was asked to "spot" folks who weren't singing - they were marched on stage and made to join the choir ! Very funny - as were Ricks jokes, even if they were rather rude !!

Someone has already posted a clip of Gordon on YouTube here:

After the show we all went back to the hotel and carried on partying with everyone there until about 1.30am. Sunday morning was a leisurely breakfast with Gordon, Hilary and some other friends / RW & GG fans and crew, followed by the annual RW fan Club Christmas lunch. About 150 or so people joined the Wakemans for lunch, and Rick took charge of running an hilarious charity auction that raised over £925 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and with collections at the gigs the grand total came to £1136.98

Hilary ended up holding one of Adam's twin babies while he joined his Dad for a quick duet ( sharing one keyboard ) After a quick afternoon snooze Mike chauffered myself, Gordon and Hilary back to the venue for the second night. This show was similar to the night before, but ended with Gordon, Adam, Oliver and Jemma going round the audience with plates of mince pies !

Once again, back to the Marriott to carry on the fun until the early hours. Rick however drove home to Norfolk straight after Sunday's gig as he had a live radio interview at 9am Monday morning !! We on the other hand had another relaxed breakfast with G & H before leaving late this morning and driving to Avebury for a quick look round as we hadn't been there before. We could hardly believe our eyes when we encountered a couple in full Celtic costumes, cloaks, a deers head head-dress complete with antlers, horn drinking vessels etc and ( wait for this !! ) posing with a double neck Epiphone guitar by the standing stones !! Shame Gordon wasn't with us !

Our journey home wasn't so good as half way along the M4 it was snowing heavily and was quite scary when it was impossible to see lane markings etc. It was very slow from then until the M3 and we did wonder if we'd actully get home at all, but then the snow turned to rain and it was a little better for a while. More snow, sleet, rain, ice, fog and heavy traffic later and we got home about 5pm yesterday - tired but very happy !! Another excellent weekend - good friends, great music - thats what is all about for us.

I hope to be able to post a gallery of photos from the event shortly.

Thanks to everyone for a very special weekend.

Sue and Mike

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:11 pm
by alun
I too am a Wakeman fan who was at Marlborough and am a dedicated follower of the piano/keyboards although I have to say that the "In the studio" section was one of the most mesmerizing things I have ever seen live.

Does any of Gordon's live DVDs show this spot? I've been trying to explain it to friends but it has to be seen to be appreciated.

I've seen Rick too many times to count and four times in 2009 alone. The first (Hampton Court) prompted me to go and see the Strawbs live as I enjoyed their accoustic support set and now Marlborough has introduced me properly to Gordon. Another fan has just been created.

Many, many thanks for an excellent night.

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:25 pm
by Mike Stranks
Hi Alun

Try this for starters:

Look forward to seeing you at a GG concert before too long! :D

Happy Christmas!


Marlborough Concert

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:39 am
by Tony Pastyman
Along with my wife and friends we travelled up from Cornwall on the Friday for the Saturday evening performance, the cold wintry weather, a covering of snow and the christmas lights in Marlborough made the short walk to the concert an unforgettable christmas scene. We had previously seen Gordon perform at Golant and we all felt that to see him and Rick together would be an experience not to be missed. We were not disappointed. Rick's children also contributed to a memorable concert.
Thanks to all who arranged the Concerts including Paul Chandler who manages Ricks fan site, he was so fascinated with my Cornish accent that I had to relay a couple of Jethro jokes to him. Anyway thanks again for the brilliant evening.


Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 5:12 pm
A big THANKYOU to all who attended Rick's shows.For me it was ALL great fun, and as ever a joy and a privilege to perform with his Rickness.

Sadly someone stole a camera from the crew who were filming and recording whole event. It is a sad old world at times.

Read Rick's news item on his website for more details.

I really hope it's on again next year and he invites his old mate again.

Happy New Year to you all.


Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:14 pm
by Sue
Hi all,


My photos from Marlborough are now online in the Gallery section of the website.


Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:47 pm
by Sue
Hi all,

I have just added another gallery of much better photos from the weekend taken by Rick's photographer Lee Wilkinson. Unlike myself he was able to move around the venue to take pictures, plus I am really jealous of his brilliant lens for low light work. 8) ... _Wilkinson