Bramall Hall

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Bramall Hall

Postby David » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:58 pm

Thank you Gordon!

Another great concert, and actually we thought it was one of your best. OK, you probably didn’t mean to end one of the tunes the way it went, but it didn’t detract one jot for us.

There were some old favourites of course, Maddie Goes West sounds so full and rich on the Fylde 12 string, and Heart Song, and Here Comes the Sun are always a pleasure. But there were new twists to much loved and well established tunes. Appalachian Dreaming had quite few new ‘twiddly bits’ when played on the new guitar that has replaced the one from the car boot sale.

And then we had the treat of a fair few compositions that were getting their first airing. All of them super, but one was an instant hit with us, and most of the audience. A rework of Night from a few years back. Beautifully flowing over, around and amongst itself.

But why did we think it was one of your best? Well the music just seemed to flow that more readily, and you seemed fully absorbed in it. The songs were writing themselves. A relaxed performer normally, or so it seems to the audience, but tonight just came together especially nicely.

The venue is very special, atmospheric anyway, wonderfully decorated for the season, and the mulled wine and mince pies top it off nicely!

Once again, thank you Gordon. Thank you for playing our requests, and thank you too for your kind words to Chris at this worrying time.

Christine & David

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Postby GORDON » Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:35 pm

Dear Chris and Dave,

Great to see you both again, where has this year gone eh?

For us Christmas always begins with Bramall. I always try my best to make that gig a liitle bit special with different and new things and last night was a prime example of that I guess. Apart from the room being FAR too hot the atmosphere was great wasn't it. Every body seemed to be enjoying themselves and that particular atmosphere that you get in an ancient building such as Bramall.

I'm SO please that Night was well received, I was well nervous about performing it as it was a special surprise for our pals Kaz(of KAZ fame) and Leigh Greenham for his Mum Carol's birthday. Thank goodness I got away with it(twice)...grin.

Sincerely hope that you get Chris's back problem sorted before Christmas...such a worry. Thankyou also for that photograph of my late uncle who was caretaker at your school in Welling. What a small world and what a nice piece of shared history!

Be Well Both.


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