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Barford St.Michael Village Hall

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:41 am
by keithmeredith
Hi there Troubador.

Yesterday evening was a multiple joy for me. I had enjoyed an exhillarating ride to the gig aboard 'Rolling Thunder' (my Harley-Davidson); was cheered by good company in the person of Mike Stranks and others when I arrived; and was treated to an outstanding display of virtuosity by your good self. I can ask for little else.

This is perhaps the smallest venue I've seen you perform in - the front row was most definitely up close and personal - but the concert developed a certain vibe and the audience were undoubtedly infected by it. This allowed the second half to include fun pieces such as 'Splinter' and the rif from F.O.T.D, and the not often heard 'Brutus' that you played for me(thank you).

The requests became something of a Mike Stranks benefit but that's OK as the pieces he asked for were good for me too - although we were both disappointed that you didn't even attempt Tubular Bells. We also really enjoyed 'Echoing Green' as it turns out we were both introduced to the legend that is Gordon Giltrap by the album 'Visionary'.

I've now spent four weekends in a row supporting my musical hero and I have enjoyed every gig. You offer total value in my book. As you are to be traveling further afield for a time I will have to get my fix of guitar wizardry by attending a couple of Ray Burley concerts. (although Kings Lynn next week could be within range) Basic guitar lessons are also on the cards for me too, but I don't think that you need quake in your boots about the competition just yet.

I wish both you and Hillary health and happiness on your travels and very much look forward to seeing you again when you are next down our way. May your candle of life burn slowly, Sir.

Very best regards

Keith(and Fiona)

Oh, by the way, I meant to ask before I left - does your mobile phone have a vibrate setting?

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:25 am
Hi Keith.

As ever...THANKYOU.