Yes..Me..I'm Back On Line at long last!

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Yes..Me..I'm Back On Line at long last!

Postby Colin F » Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:56 pm

Hi all..Yep..tis me..I'm back!..I had some , shall we say issues with my last Internet provider so we parted company, I've now , after many months,found one I am, well, reasonably happy with, it's cable so at least I can get on line and stay on when ever I want to. I have been able to use my mobile phone for some web sites and check my emails, but it just wouldn't load this one. amongst a few others.
Gordon- I see your playing very near my Daughters on the 27 (The Grove School) I may, depending on weather, work, etc. come up to Shropshire for that, and if 'Our' Liam isn't working I'll ask if he wants to come across as well, (I've not cleared this with Stacey (My daughter) or Deb yet though.
I was listening to the Pop Quiz on Ken Bruce the other day, the Question was "Who had a Hit with 'Classical Gas' quick as a Flash the guy on the phone says "Gordon Giltrap"
All the best

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Postby Sue » Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:18 pm

HI Colin,

good to have you back with us,

GG webmaster

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