Elm Tree Inn, Ringwood

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Elm Tree Inn, Ringwood

Postby coling » Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:02 pm

Although a resident of the area, I had never been to the Elm Tree for entertainment before and such an unexpected delight. Joined to the side of the pub was an old barn converted over to a performance area, regularly inhabited by the Ringwood Folk Club. One minor criticism was the lack of a rasied area for our Gordon to sit on, allowing the assembled crowd to see his magic fingers move but this aside, a welcoming atmosphere was sustained in a truly folk club manner. Real Ale and live Gordon - he must have felt the years fall away!
An attentative audience, some around me who had not seen Gordon live since the 70's, were royally entertained to a mixture of old favourites and newer pieces (well to me anyway) and the work in progress loop station piece Gordon is trying out on the acoustic guitar. Even Four Hand Reel (Gordon's support act on the night) were open mouthed on the sidelines as they stayed on to listen. They had modestly described themselves as an Austin Maxi against Gordon's Ferrari, but their mix of songs and instrumentals were a nice warming up for what was to follow.
I had invited along in my party someone who had never heard Gordon live and needless to say I'm now under strict instructions to repeat the occasion. So another triumph for Gordon, his playing and his all round entertainment.

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Bob Wilson
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Postby Bob Wilson » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:16 pm

I agree with ColinG. A lovely intimate folky atmosphere with a very appreciative audience. There was a good mix of Gordon fans (young and old and probably a high percentage guitarists) and the pieces were all interspersed with Gordon's humorous banter.
It was good to finally meet up with Russ and his family and have some good old guitar anorak talk (it is strange meeting members that you talk to on the forum because they feel like old friends when you finally meet them).
I also agree with the minor critcism of no raised stage, plus I would have preferred to see just Gordon (which is what actually happened as we all got talking in the bar and only caught Four Hand Reels last 2 tunes). They were very good, but I personally think that Gordon doesn't need a support act.
The new tunes and work in progress showed that Gordon is still producing amazing new material and long may it continue. It was good to hear Gordon still playing Angie, albeit with a hint sadness (but a solid tribute to Davy Graham). And Splinter, still one of my favourite short pieces:).
All in all a lovely evening and well worth the 50 miles to get there :)
I, too, will repeat the journey next time Gordon is performing.
See you there!

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Russ Gannicott
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Postby Russ Gannicott » Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:03 pm

Great gig - and yes it was fab to meet up. Could have talked a load of old anorak rubbish all night.......in fact I probably did!
All the best,

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