Corbridge gig and YouTube posts

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Corbridge gig and YouTube posts

Postby supergenius » Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:20 pm

We had a tremendous evening on Sunday when Gordon played to a small, select but sell out audience at Corbridge Cricket Club. About half were there because of the association with the club so had not experienced Gordon's music before but all were most effusive afterwards. My credibility within the village (and the club) has risen enormously. The organisation was hard work but we all pulled it off without a hitch and my fiancee Ang(ie) was thrilled to have Gordon dedicate one tune to her (I bet you can't guess which one!). Gordon's playing was near as damn it immaculate and a lot of happy people went off into the dark. It was a bit like being 10 years old again and, with Gordon and Hilary staying over afterwards, I was a bit of a star-truck kid for a day. But then that's what life's for. Thanks Gordon for a great weekned. As I write this I am grinning from ear to ear having just come back from watching "The Stranglers" in concert. Now there's a contrast for consecutive nights.

Being in charge (!) I was also able to use the camera a bit too so I have posted three more video clips on u-tube and you can check them out here:

Here Comes the Sun
Ives Horizon
Catwalk Blues

Hope you like them.

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